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General Business Activities Shadon Medical Diagnostic Laboratories Limited has been established as a limited company in Kenya. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of supplying medical goods including Reagents, chemicals, consumables, and equipment’s in the Kenyan markets targeting mainly the Hospitals and learning Institutions. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our supplies; we are now on the process of establishing an office in Nairobi.


Clinical Chemistry


NSbiotec range of clinical chemistry reagents is extensive with a wide range of assays to suit your needs. Investing heavily in research and development, we continuously expand our portfolio to ensure increased choice of high quality reagents.

Shadon understand the importance of accurate results, and provide reagents of the highest quality and accuracy to ensure trustworthy results and accurate diagnosis. Rigorously tested, our reagents have strong correlations with standard methods, and ensure uniformity across batches for total confidence in quality across lots.


zybio analyzer

Automated hematology analyzers can rapidly analyze whole blood specimens for the complete blood count (CBC). Results include red blood cell (RBC) count, white blood cell (WBC) count, platelet count, hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit, RBC indices, and a leukocyte differential. Less sophisticated automated hematology analyzers in a physician’s office setting may sometimes provide a limited CBC, using older technology for whole blood analysis (e.g., impedance technology) that will generate only a three-part leukocyte differential. A three-part leukocyte differential provides values for neutrophils, lymphocytes, and all other white cells together. More modern hematology analyzers are capable of analyzing all leukocytes using flow cytometry-based methods, some in combination with cytochemistry or fluorescence or conductivity, to count all the different types of WBCs, including neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, basophils, and eosinophils (five-part differential)

Dental Chairs


Modern dental chairs are crafted from a combination of metal and plastic, are often infused with antibacterial properties to minimize the risk of infection, and notably have thin chair backs, which allow the dentist to sit on a stool behind the patient to facilitate ease of access.

  • Ceiling Mounted Design – None of the attachments are on the chair proper, but built into the ceiling, with the chair positioned beneath them.
  • Mobile Independent Design – Wheel-mounted chairs with locking mechanisms, or folding style chairs, designed to be used in mobile operations, typically serving poorer areas of the country.
  • Dental Chair Mounted Design – The Dental Engine and all necessary attachments are built into the chair itself.



Shadon is the Kenya’s topmost company offering a wide range of Physiotherapy Equipments: Scanning LASER, Electrotherapy Equipment, Exercise Therapy Equipment, Physical Therapy Equipment, Interferential Therapy Equipment, Interferential Therapy unit Compact, Equipment trolley, Vacuum therapy Unit,Traction Equipment, UltraSound Therapy Equipment, Laser Therapy Equipments, Computerized Ultra Sound Therapy, Muscle Stimulator, Electronic Cervical, Lumbar Traction, Tens, Shortwave Diamerthy etc. These products are highly used by various orthopaedics, physiotherapist, and entire Rehabilitation team. Our range is supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, who help us in offering a qualitative range of products to our clients. We also have a team to manage these units. The products offered by us are highly appreciated by the clients for their lightweight, compact size, trouble-free operation and competitive pricing.

Theater Products


Operating department practitioners (ODPs) provide high standards of patient care and skilled support alongside medical and nursing colleagues during perioperative care, working with surgeons, anaesthetists and theatre nurses to help ensure every operation is as safe and effective as possible. ODPs are required to apply theory to practice in a variety of clinical settings, supporting both patients and other healthcare professionals. The role has a wide remit with ODPs undertaking a variety of tasks, such as ensuring equipment is provided and working, the environment is clean, and patients are correctly prepared for clinical procedures.

This range of OT consumables is essential items for any operating theatre within a hospital, day surgery, private clinic and can be used in different surgical procedures.

Maternity Setup

  • Your bed. Labor and delivery beds break down in the middle to become birthing beds, complete with stirrups, handles, and even a birthing bar (to hold onto as you push) on some models. Postdelivery, they’re whisked back together with nary a sign of the incredible transformation that just happened.
  • Medical equipment. There’s a surprising amount of medical equipment tucked away neatly and discreetly in labor and deliver rooms — in case of an emergency. There may be suction and oxygen receptacles hidden behind those pretty pictures on the walls, and those nice wooden closets and doors often hold the delivery table and an array of infant resuscitation equipment that can be wheeled in at delivery or as necessary. In some labor and deliver rooms, with the flip of a switch a paneled ceiling may convert to reveal overheard lights and a birthing mirror.
  • The fetal monitor. Along with your bed, your IV pole, and your blood pressure equipment, most labor and delivery rooms house a bedside fetal monitor that attaches to the mother’s belly to monitor contractions and the baby’s heart rate. One note: Be careful about watching those contractions on the screen — they’re usually external monitors that measure the rate and rhythm of your contractions and can’t tell you the true intensity, so what looks like a “small” contraction on the screen might feel a bit more intense! The fetal monitor also usually houses a computer where your nurse will input vital medication information to keep track of your labor’s progress.
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